Make the Change!

Your kitchen sponge is the dirtiest item in your home. Replace your kitchen sponge every week with Sponge Club. 

4 sponges for $4.44

Easy to order

Easily start your subscription today  and never again use a bacteria filled sponge!

Always on time

With sponges on a schedule, never worry about a roommate, significant other or even yourself forgetting to buy fresh sponges from the store.

Fits any budget

Receive 4 new sponges every month for $4.44 (cheaper than the grocery store) Shipping included.

Be a healthier you

The only clean sponge is a new sponge! Clean with confidence. Changing your sponge every week keeps the germs away.

Why Sponge Club?

Your old kitchen sponge is dirtier than your toilet seat! In fact it’s the dirtiest item in most American homes. The only real solution to this problem is to change it regularly. The Center for Disease Control recommends you change your sponge every 1-2 Weeks. With Sponge Club, you get 4 brand new sponges every month, so you never have to worry about cleaning the dishes or any other household chore with a bacteria filled sponge.

Make changing your sponge an easy weekly habit, like attempting chin-ups or doing your laundry. While you may not ever learn how to fold a fitted sheet, keeping your sink and your food area clean is easy.

How It Works

1. Subscribe

Just click the "Get Started" button below and fill out the simple order form.

2. Receive Sponges 

Sponges ship during the first or third week of every month depending on when you subscribed.

3. Live Clean

Change your provided sponges every week and never worry about spreading germs with a dirty sponge again!

What's inside the box?

We’re so glad you asked! Our sponges are made of plant-based cellulose, plant based pigment and a polyester resin scrubber.  With our sponges, you can rest easy, knowing that your sponges are thoughtfully designed and readily available.


What people are saying about Sponge Club!

$#!%, I love these mother #%*ing monthly sponges!

Quentin T. - Los Angeles, CA

I always have a new sponge to clean up after my late night hamburger parties...

Hamburgalur - Oak Brook, IL

I don't always wash the dishes. But when I do, I always use a clean sponge.

The Most Interesting Man - the World