Frequently Asked Questions

What are your sponges made of?  

Our sponges are made of plant based cellulose, plant based pigment and a polyester resin (#6) scrubber.  

When will my sponges ship?  

Sponges ship during the first or third week of every month depending on whether you subscribe before or after the 15th of every month.  

Are there any limitations or unusual things I should know about my sponges?  

3 Things: You should rinse your sponge once before use. Don’t use a sponge to clean your aquarium, and test an inconspicuous area of whatever you’re cleaning when using the scrubber.  

Can I return or exchange my sponges?  

No, but you can cancel your subscription.  

What’s with the personalized message?  

You can write a message which can be particularly useful if it’s a gift or for a client/tenant (ex. from your loving mother, from your neighborhood realtor 555-555-5555) however we will screen messages for profanity or inappropriate language because cursing in your message is bullshit.  

Do I have to pay sales tax?  

Currently, only if you live in California.  

I’m moving, can I change my address?  

Yes, just log into your account and you can change your address there. If you change it after you’re the ship date, the updated address will be reflected in the subsequent month.

Can I recycle my sponges?  

Since our cellulose is plant based it breaks down naturally over time. The scrubber is made from a recycled material and it can be recycled. Check with your local recycling center for more details.  

Can I have multiple subscriptions?  

Yes. Realtors, nobody wants your stupid refrigerator magnets. Parents, sign up your messy children. Plumbers, get your clients signed up… it’s just good business.  

Is there a fee to join?  

No, just start paying for your sponges..  

Can I pay with a check or over the phone?  

No, but we take all major credit cards.  

Where are the Terms of Service?  

Terms of Service can be found HERE.

Can I clean my sponge?  

There is not a single way of cleaning a sponge we like. Microwaving your sponge can be a fire hazard and make your microwave stink. Putting your sponge in the dishwasher isn’t as effective and the detergent is so strong that it deteriorates the cellulose material creating even more surface area for bacteria to grow. Most of the other methods you’ll find on the internet have low efficacy rates. The foolproof method is to change your sponge on a regular basis or when you think it might have come in contact with a substance that could get you sick (chicken blood, moldy food, chemical product etc...

Are you ready for Sponge Club Yet?

Make changing your sponge an easy weekly habit, like attempting chin-ups or doing your laundry. While you may not ever learn how to fold a fitted sheet, keeping your sink and your food area clean is priceless and easy!