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Health experts recommend that you replace your sponge every 1 to 2 weeks. We deliver only high quality sponges with all the features of store bought brands at a lower price. What are you waiting for…..join Sponge Club today!


Sponge Club was founded with one simple idea.

“I never want to have to remember to buy another kitchen sponge again...”

One of the small struggles people deal with every day in encountering a gross sponge in their sink and deciding it’s time to throw it away only to realize they don’t have a replacement under the sink. A person in that situation, faced with dirty dishes, might try to get one more day out of that sponge or try using some other method to wash them. Then at some point when you’re at the grocery store you have to remember to buy them, but most likely you’re not going down that aisle so good luck remembering.

Why deal with any of that?

Sponge Club will mail them to you every month for a price cheaper than the name brand at your grocery store, cheaper than the biggest online retailer after shipping. It’s simple, sign up and move on with your life. You’ve got more important things to think about…

Home economics for a modern world

Kitchen sponges are overpriced at the store and they get gross quickly. Let’s solve that problem! We all want our homes to be clean and healthy environments for ourselves and for our families. If you have an old dirty sponge in your sink it probably contains more bacteria than your toilet seat! Our lives are busy. Who has time to run to the store for a sponge?

Are you ready for Sponge Club Yet?

Make changing your sponge an easy weekly habit, like attempting chin-ups or doing your laundry. While you may not ever learn how to fold a fitted sheet, keeping your sink and your food area clean is priceless and easy!